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Terms and Conditions

By attending our classes, either as a member or a PAYG student. You are agreeing and abiding to the Terms & Conditions and the Gym Etiquette set out by Head Coach Brenden Flanagan at CGB (Carlson Gracie Bracknell)

Gym Etiquette

1. Arrive on time and place all your belongings in the storage provided, out the way of walkways and emergency exits. If you are late, simply apologies to the coach before joining in with the class. 

2. We train bare foot, but make sure to wear shoes off the mats and especially in the kitchen and toilets.


3. You will need your own kit to train at the club, this includes a Gi and appropriate NoGi kit. Contact Brenden for details.


4. Avoid wearing clothing with zips or sharp objects attached etc. You must take off/out any jewellery, piercings and make up. As this may injure you, your training partners and or damage club equipment or your partners clothing.


5.Your training kit must clean for class. Dirty kit can spread bacteria and skin diseases. This includes your personal hygiene, so wash before training especially if you have a labour intensive job.


6. Treat your teammates and the coaches as you wish to be treated yourself. We take any complaints seriously and are always dealt with immediately. This includes your own behaviour. 

7. We practice and train under IBJJF rules, so stick to your belt level. If you do not know the rules, then ask the instructors or one of the higher grade. Do not use any techniques you haven't been taught here or practiced first at the club.

8. Please respect our gym space. We are lucky to have such a space where space is hard to find. We hope to be here for many years to come. 

9. You have agreed to this contract by signing up or paying as you go. So please respect the contract as it keeps you safe and our doors open.

1. Memberships & PAYG 


1.1. You must be 16yrs or older to sign up yourself. Or be the Parent/Guardian of the junior buying a Membership or paying for a single session.


1.2 Your membership will begin on the date you buy/sign up or the date you chose your first payment to come out on. Be aware if you chose to start at a later date, Wix will still charge you at the point of sale, but your access won't begin till the date you have chosen.


1.3. You’ll be setting up a reoccurring payment to CGB with a valid Visa debit or Credit card. You will be charged monthly on the same date, until your 1 months notice is given to Brenden directly to cancel.


1.4. Your membership is personal to you and cannot be transferred it to another person. 

1.6 There are no refunds after sale. So be sure you wish to purchase before paying. (See Brenden for details).


2. Fees


2.1. You must pay a monthly membership or PAYG to CGB through our app or website on Wix, our collection agent. You must use a valid Visa debit or Credit card in your name, or have been authorised by the card holder. Any fraudulent activity involving you “the person signing up” with the Debit or Credit card you are using, will be reported to the authorities and your membership/access will be canceled immediately.


2.2 CGB will not be held to blame or accountable for refunds due to fraudulent activity and your disputes will need to be settled between the appropriate authorities. the card holder and the person and/or persons committing the fraud.


2.3. Your monthly payment will be due each calendar month on the date you agreed to when joining. But be aware on longer callander months, your membership may come out a day or 2 later


2.4. Annual inflation on memberships will occur, but changes will announced 1 month prior or more. 


2.5. Monthly fees are payable even if you do not use the club. You wouldn't expect a refund from NETFLIX for not using their services.

2.6. If you miss a payment, you'll have a grace period to re-pay before your membership automatically cancels and you'll be subject to any new membership prices.

2.7. If you are PAYG. You must pre book and pay online via the app or website. If you can't make the class you'll need to cancel your bookibng or lose your credit.


3. Cancelling Your Membership


3.1. To cancel your membership, you must submit 1 month notice to Brenden directly. So time your notice just before your nect payment is due and not after.

3.2. PAYG students must cancel their own bookings before the class begins. Failing to do this will lose your credit.


4. Club Rules


4.1. Once you have joined, you must comply with the clubs rules and etiquette found in the intro of the terms and conditions. Which forms part of this agreement. Or your membership may be cancelled.


4.2. We may edit the rules and etiquette at any time to improve the club/members safety. You will be informed of any changes made immediately.

5. Changing the Agreement


5.1. CGB can change this agreement at any time. We will give you notice via the App's "announcement" and these changes will also be announced in class.


6. Freezing your Membership


6.1. We no longer offer freezing of memberships.


7. Refunds

7.1. There are no refunds after sale. (See Brenden for details).


8. Official Waiver

Agreement with Carlson Gracie Bracknell Club.


The following is an agreement made by the individual or individuals entering this agreement with Carlson Gracie bracknell. Or by the legal guardian of whom is signing on behalf of a minor under the age of 16 years old.

I understand the risks of training in the martial arts taught at this club and have carried out my own risk assessment. Injuries in full contact martial arts are commonplace and I understand that managing and avoiding this is my responsibility.


I understand that full contact training might expose me to viruses and illness and I opt in and accept these risks to myself and my household and social group.

I confirm that I will not train when I am feeling unwell or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


I understand that if I have any pre-existing injuries or health issues then I must make the club and instructors aware of them. I also understand that any prior conditions may be made worse and I will adjust my training and attitude accordingly.


I enter into the training at this club knowing that serious injury or even death are a possibility and release all instructors and employees of the Academy from any responsibility thereof.


Statement of Medical Fitness:


a) I represent and warrant that I have NO physical infirmities or pre-existing Injures; I am not under treatment for any other physical infirmity or chronic ailment or injury of any nature, and have never been treated for or diagnosed to have any of the following: Cardiac or pulmonary conditions or diseases, diabetes, fainting spells or convulsions, nervous or mental disorders, kidney or related diseases, high or low blood pressures, or any other disability which might in any way affect my ability to participate in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training; physical exercise or all similar and related activities.

b) I am not taking any medications of any kind which might in any way affect my ability to participate in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or all similar and related activities.

c) I am not under the influence of any alcohol or drugs.

d) I am not pregnant nor do I suspect that I am pregnant.

e) I hereby certify that the personal information I have given above is true and accurate.




In consideration for being permitted to utilise the facilities and to participate and engage in, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or all similar and related activities. hereinafter collectively referred to as "Martial Arts Training" conducted by Carlson Gracie Bracknell Club or any associated entities, I HEREBY AGREE AS FOLLOWS:


PARTIES INCLUDED. I understand that this Agreement, Release of Liability & Assumption of Risk includes and covers Carlson Gracie Bracknell Club, or any associated entities, and any of its instructors, agents, officers, employees, students, and contractors, and additionally including but not limited to, anyone directly or indirectly involved in any manner in my Martial Arts Training, hereinafter collectively referred to in this Agreement, Release of Liability and Assumption of Risk as "Covered Parties."


DURATION OF RELEASE. It is my understanding and intention that this Release and Agreement be effective not only for my first training session but for any subsequent training sessions or activities in any way associated with Carlson Gracie Bracknell Club or any associated entities or any other Covered Parties.


AGREEMENTS. I understand it is agreed between the parties that Martial Arts Training is inherently dangerous and may result in injury or death. It is further agreed between the parties that the unforeseen may happen and that no one may delineate all risks or possibilities of error. Therefore, I specifically include in the Release, any injury resulting from any occurrence, whether foreseen or unforeseen, and whether contemplated or not contemplated, which is in any way connected with my Martial Arts Training or presence at the Carlson Gracie Bracknell Club or any other place, venue, or entity connected with the Covered Parties.


COVENANT NOT TO SUE. I further agree that I WILL NOT SUE OR MAKE CLAIM against ANY of the Covered Parties for ANY damages or other losses or injuries sustained as a result of my Martial Arts Training even if caused by negligence or other fault of the Covered Parties.


RELEASE OF LIABILITY. I hereby release the Covered Parties, from any and all liability, claims, demands, actions, and causes of actions whatsoever arising out of or related to any loss, damage, or injury, up to and including DEATH, that may be sustained, even if caused by negligence or other fault of the Covered Parties while engaged in any Martial Arts Training or any and all related but unidentified activities.


ASSUMPTION OF RISKS. I realise and understand the scope, nature, and extent of the risks involved in Martial Arts Training, including the foreseen and the unforeseen, which shall include but not be limited to expose me to viruses and illness; broken bones; muscle and tendon injuries; restrictions on air and blood flow, which may result in disability and/or death.


INDEMNIFICATION AND HOLD HARMLESS. I also agree to indemnify, save, and hold the Covered Parties, harmless from all claims, judgments, costs, losses or proceedings of every kind and character specifically including, but not limited to, legal fees and expenses, and to reimburse the Covered Parties for any and all expenses whatsoever incurred in connection with any action brought as a result, either directly or indirectly, of my participation in Martial Arts Training, including but not limited to, actions brought on by myself, my estate, or on behalf of myself or my estate.


PARTIES BOUND BY THIS AGREEMENT. It is my understanding and intention that this Agreement, Release of Liability & Assumption of Risk be binding not only on myself, but on anyone or any entity, including but not limited to my estate and my heirs, that or who may be able to or do sue because of my injury or death. It is further my understanding and agreement that this Release is intended to and DOES in fact release the Covered Parties, from any and all claims or obligations, foreseen and unforeseen, contemplated and not contemplated, whatsoever arising in any way from my participation in Martial Arts Training, even if caused by the negligence or other fault of the Covered Parties.


DUTY OF CARE. I hereby agree to waive any and all duty of care, whether by omission or commission, or any other duty, which may be owed to me by the Covered Parties.


ENFORCEABILITY. I agree that if any portions of this Agreement, Release of Liability and Assumption of Risk are found to be unenforceable or against public policy or law, that only the portion found to be unenforceable shall fail and that all remaining portions shall remain in effect and be valid and enforceable, and I specifically waive any unenforceabile or any public policy argument that I may make or that may be made on behalf of my estate or by anyone who would sue because of my injury or death.


FAVOUR AGREEMENT. It is my intention and my agreement that in all cases, this document be broadly construed in favour of the Covered Parties and against me and that any and all ambiguities or questions are resolved in favour of the Covered Parties.


LEGAL RIGHTS. It has been explained to me, and I understand, that by signing this document I am giving up important legal rights and it is my voluntary intention to do so. I also understand that, if I wish, I may to have my own lawyer review this document before I sign it. Upon its execution, this Agreement, Release of Liability & Assumption of Risk shall be binding against me in favour of the Covered Parties.


DAMAGE AGREEMENT. I hereby agree to be responsible and to pay for damages to any and all equipment, which is caused, in whole or in part, by my actions or the actions of any parties associated with me during my Martial Arts Training.


RULES. I understand that this is a Martial Arts Club with active and ongoing classes, and I will abide by any rules and regulations set forth pertaining to the Club. I understand that I am responsible for following these rules along with any other rules put in place by any of the Covered Parties and that I am also responsible for any injury or damage caused by the failure to follow these rules either by myself or by any parties associated with me. 


I understand that my attendance and/or performance at the academy may be photographed, filmed or taped and used for marketing and promotional purposes and I waive the right to compensation thereof.


I understand that my details will be shared with UKBJJA who will contact me directly regarding my membership.


Terms & Conditions


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