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Welcome To Our Juniors Classes

All our junior classes are free to book on via the booking App or website, then simply pay £10 on the day there after. Monthly memberships are available. We do take your child's size or maturity into consideration and sometimes suggest they attend another class based on this.

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Juniors 4-6 yrs old

With Coaches T & Beth

Through games and movements used in BJJ. We'll create a foundation for your child's progress in this sport. They’ll also learn the value of discipline, focus, integrity, teamwork and much more.

4-6yrs (9:00-9:45) Saturday

4-6yrs (4:30-5:15) Coming Soon

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Juniors 7-10 yrs old

With Coaches Brenden & Ben

Our next age group will dive deeper into the technical aspects of this sport with more technical drilling and games.

7-10yrs (4:30-5:15pm) every Tuesday & Thursday


Teens 11-13 yrs old

With Coaches Brenden & Ash

Our young teens will focus less on games and more on the technique. Whilst being introduced to controlled sparring.

11-13yrs (5:15-6pm) every Tuesday & Thursday.


Teens 14 & 16+ yrs old


Teenagers 14yrs+ are welcome along to our 6:30pm BJJ Fundamental classes. We suggest you bring a friend as these are predominantly adult attended classes.

Tuesday and Thursday from 18:30pm.

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